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Issues of Workers' Liberty magazine: list of key articles



March 85:
History and lessons of the British miners' strike, 1984-5 (64 pgs)
July 85:
History of the local government left, 1979-85 (40 pgs)
Sept 85:
The fight against Apartheid; strategy and politics of the workers' movement and left (36 pgs)
spring 86:
Under whose flag?; analysis of imperialism and left theories of imperialism
winter 86:
"Provos, Protestants and class politics in Ireland" (55 pgs)
April/May 87:
"Perdition" (pgs10-11), by John O'Mahony; the ANC's Freedom Charter (pgs 15-17), by Bob Fine; Is Nicaragua socialist? (pgs 20-21), by Janet Burstall; Third World working class (pgs 28-32), by Martin Thomas
June 87:
Labour's 1987 general election campaign (pgs 1-6), editorial; INLA (pgs 18-19); Permanent Revolution (pgs 25-28), by Clive Bradley; "Perdition" debate (pgs 33-35)
Oct/Nov 87:
Gorbachev (pgs 3-4), editorial; South Africa (pgs 13-23); Kowalewski on Solidarnosc 1980-81 (pgs 28-31); "Perdition" debate (pgs 37-38)
Jan 88:
Middle East: two nations, two states (pgs 3-4), editorial; Afghanistan (pg 5), editorial; the left and Ireland (pgs 15-16); Crimean Tatars (pgs 20-21), by Stan Crooke; 1987 market crash (pgs 24-30); Trotsky on the national question (pgs 31-35)
May 88:
The threat from Le Pen (pgs 3-5 and 6-7); Iran-Iraq war (pgs 13-16); France '68 (pgs 17-23); Poland and 'self-management' (pgs 24-27); Stalinist roots of 'left' anti-semitism (pgs 28-37), by Stan Crooke; debate on Ireland (pgs 38-42), Geoff Bell and Sean Matgamna
Jan 89:
50 years since the 4th International was founded (pgs 1-4), editorial; national rebellions and Russian imperialism (pg 6), editorial; Shachtman: comment and articles on Stalinism (pgs 18-33); Dockers' Blue Union (pgs 39-42); critique of 'post-Fordism' (pgs 46-48), by Martin Thomas
Double issue
Aug 89:
Workers against Stalinism (pgs 1-3), editorial; for a united Europe (pgs 3-4), editorial; China and Tienanmen Square (pgs10-16), by Jack Cleary; New Times or Class Struggle? (pgs 19-24) Marxism Today debates Alan Johnson; Class nature of USSR (pgs 25-34) debate including Martin Thomas, Robert Brenner and Oliver Macdonald; Art and the Russian Revolution (pgs 36-46), by Rachel Lever; the Chinese Revolution, '20s (pgs 50-65), by Liz Millward and Wang Fan-hsi; A defence of the French Revolution (pgs 66-70, back cover), by Martin Thomas
July 90:
Eastern Europe: the Triumph of the bourgeoisie? (pgs 3-5), editorials; Cliff and 'left' anti-semitism (pgs 11-12), by Sean Matgamna; the poverty of anti-Stalinism (pgs 14-15), by Bob Fine; Trotskyism on Palestine before the Holocaust (pgs 22-25), by Bob Fine; On James P Cannon (pg 37), by Sean Matgamna
Dec 91:
SPECIAL ISSUE: "Socialists Answer the New Right".
Sean Matgamna and Martin Thomas in debates with Ken Minogue, David Marsland and Roger Scruton (40pgs)
Feb 92:
SPECIAL ISSUE: "Stalinism, the left and beyond".
30 contributions on the nature of Stalinism inc. Neal Ascherson, Tony Chater, Terry Eagleton, Al Glotzer, Fred Hailliday, Boris Kagarlitsky, Ernesto Laclau, Livio Maitan, Ralph Miliband, Alec Nove, Pablo, Maxime Rodinson, Paul Sweezy, Hillel Ticktin and Ellen Meiksins Wood (36 pgs)
Jan 94:
SPECIAL ISSUE: "Socialism and Democracy".
Including debate on democracy between Michael Foot and John O'Mahony; James P Cannon and Max Shachtman on democracy (96 pgs)
Feb 95:
Reforms and revolutionaries (pgs 14-16), by John O'Mahony; Class war in the Blitz (pgs 21-25), by Ray Challinor; IS-SWP tradition Pt I (pgs 26-31), by Sean Matgamna, Ken Coates, Sheila Rowbotham, the ISG and Stan Newens
March 95:
Defending Clause 4 (pgs 12-17, 20-21); IS-SWP tradition Pt 2 (pgs 24-28), by Jim Higgins, James D Young and Mike McGrath; the Orange General Strike (pgs 30-33), by Thomas Carolan
April 95:
Blair and New Labour (pgs 3-7); the unions (pgs 14-17), by John McIlroy; 25 years of gay liberation (pgs 18-22), by Clive Bradley; IS-SWP tradition Pt 3 (pgs 26-29), by Vic Collard and James D Young; Assessing Shachtman (pgs 31-33), by Barry Finger
May 95:
Lutte Ouvriere (pgs 7), by Gerry Bates; Islamic Fundamentalism (pgs 12-13), by Mark Osborn; British class structure (pgs 15-17), by Martin Thomas; the left and the rise of Hitler (pgs 18-23); IS-SWP tradition Pt 4 (pgs 26-29), by Chris Jones, Ray Challinor and Rachel Lever; History of struggle on the Docks (pgs 30-33), by Sean Matgamna
June 95:
Lutte Ouvriere and the French election (pgs 4-6), by Martin Thomas; debate on Billy Hutchinson (pg 11), by John McAnulty; Lenin and Ireland (pgs 22-26), by Sean Matgamna; IS-SWP tradition pt 5 (pgs 29-32), by Steve Jefferys; Dockers (pgs 33-34), by John McIlroy
July 95:
Chinese Stalinism (pgs 12-13), by Chan Ying; Ban Islamic fundamentalists? (pg 14); France, July 1789 (pgs 17-19), by Mark Sandell; Marx and Engels, 1844-5 (pgs 20-21), by Tom Rigby; Lenin and Ireland (pgs 25-30), by Sean Matgamna; IS-SWP tradition Pt 6 (pgs 31-32), by Andy Wilson; The politics of Victor Serge (pgs 33-34), by Cathy Nugent
Sept 95:
Ireland, a year after the ceasefire (pgs 4-7), editorial; the left and Bosnia (pgs 11-15), inc. Branka Magas; Roots of Blairism (pgs 16-18), by John McIlroy; Ernest Mandel (pg 25), by Sean Matgamna; John Maclean Pt 1 (pgs 27-33), by Bob Pitt; IS-SWP tradition Pt 7 (pgs 34-35), by John Palmer
Oct 95:
debate on Bosnia (pgs 7-9), inc. Tony Benn and Chris Reynolds; Darcus Howe on Black politics (pgs 10-13); the Irish famine (pgs 20-21), by Claureen Ennis; John Maclean Pt 2 (pgs 25-28), by Bob Pitt; Assessing Shachtman Pt 1 (pgs 29-31), by Ernie Haberkern; Hutchinson debate (pg32)
Nov 95:
the death of Rabin (pgs 3-4), editorial; the state of socialism (pgs 4-6), editorials; Black America (pgs 14-15), by Manning Marable; debate on the Nation of Islam (pg 17); Spanish revolution (pgs 18-37)
Jan 96:
debate with Kagarlitsky on Russia (pgs 7-8); French strike wave (pgs 12-19); How to fight racism (pgs 20-22), by Mark Osborn; Australian left (pgs 23-24); Marxists and workers' parties (pgs 25-29), by Kautsky; Assessing Shachtman Pt 2 (pgs 31-33), by Ernie Haberkern; Hutchinson debate (pg 37)
Feb 96:
The unions (pgs 7-10); Russia's CP (pg 12), by Hillel Ticktin; the Labour Party in perspective (pgs 13-19), by John O'Mahony; Marxism and imperialism (pgs 23-32), by Martin Thomas; Dialectical Materialism Pt 1 (pgs 38-39), by Edward Conze
March 96:
"No British solution, Mr Adams" (pgs 3-4), editorial; Australian Labor (pgs 5-6); symposium on Ireland (pgs 9-19) inc. Henry Patterson, Eamonn McCann, Jim Kemmy, Paddy Devlin, Joe Hendron, Peter Hadden, Joe Austin, John McAnulty, Robin Wilson and Paul Bew; Paris Commune (pgs 23-26), by Tom Willis; IS-SWP tradition Pt 9 (pg 35), by Pete Keenlyside; Conze on Dialectics Pt 2 (pgs 37-39)
April 96:
Paying for free education (pg 8), by Bill Davies; Israeli elections (pgs 11-13), by Adam Keller; Open letter to IRA sympathiser (pgs 14-25), by Sean Matgamna; splits in the SWP's international (pgs 26-27), by Ian Land; Peter Drucker on Shachtman (pgs 32-34); What are Transitional demands? (pg 37), by Jack Cleary; Conze on Dialectics Pt 3 (pgs 38-39)
May 96:
British General Strike (pgs 14-23), by Stan Crooke; European Social Democracy (pgs 11-13), by Martin Thomas
June 96:
NI talks (pgs 3-4), editorial; William Morris (pgs 20-25); the Minority Movement (pgs 26-29), by Stan Crooke
July 96:
Middle East - what solution? (pgs 14-17), Jim Higgins and Sean Matgamna; Trotsky's politics (pgs 20-28), by Sean Matgamna and Max Shachtman
Sept 96:
Ireland and the peace process (pgs 3-4), editorial; Ireland, Questions and Answers (pgs 17-23), by Sean Matgamna; World economy (pgs 27-29), by Martin Thomas; Shachtman on Trotsky (pgs 33-36); Middle East and Zionism (pgs 40-44), continued debate between Sean Matgamna and Jim Higgins
Oct 96:
Fight for a Workers' Government (pgs 3-5), editorial; Gerry Adams and Billy Hutchinson on peace (pgs 1721); Cable Street (pgs 26-36) by Ruah Carlyle
Nov 96:
Hungary '56 (pgs 24-26), by Kate Buckell; Marx and Engels on Education (pgs 27-32), by Colin Waugh
Jan 97:
debate on Workers' Government slogan (pgs 26-33); debate on Ireland (pgs 35-42), Sean Matgamna and Francis Malloy (from Sinn Fein)
March 97:
changes in the Labour Party (pgs 3-5), editorial; History: the birth of the LP (pgs 21-23), by Brian Pearce; Eisenstein and film (pgs 27-31), by Clive Bradley; Obituary of Bob Pennington Pt. I (pgs 33-34), by Sean Matgamna; debate on Zionism continued (pgs 36-40), by Jim Higgins and Sean Matgamna
April 97:
Europe and socialists (pgs 22-25); policies of Deng (pgs 27-28), by Chen Ying; Films of Ken Loach (pgs 29-32), by Clive Bradley; Jim Larkin (pgs 33-36), by John O'Mahony
May/June 97:
Labour's election victory (pgs 3-9), editorial and comments; the unions (pgs 11-16), by Tom Rigby; "The left we have and the left we need" (pgs 19-26) by Sean Matgamna; Ireland, a challenge to the left, 60 point Thesis (pgs 35-42), by Sean Matgamna; Class and Consciousness (pgs 43-45), by Alan Johnson; History of the Student Left Pt 1 (pgs 50-52), by Sue Hamilton
July 97:
Blair and the unions (pgs 3-5), editorial; the SLP (pgs 15-16), by Helen Rate; The Pentonville 5, Pt 1 (pgs 26-30); History of the Student Left Pt 2 (pgs 35-38), by Sue Hamilton; the Trotskyist Tendency and IS (pgs 41-49), by Sean Matgamna
Sept 97:
Scottish Parliament (pg 4), editorial; labour and the unions (pgs 14-16); Che Guevara (pg 21), by Helen Rate; debate on Revolutionary socialism (pgs 26-28), Tom Rigby and Donald Sassoon; Economic policy (pgs 31-34), by Martin Thomas; The Pentonville 5, Pt 2 (pgs 35-36), by Alan McArthur; IS history (pgs 41-45), by Sean Matgamna
Nov 97:
Ireland's peace process (pg 4), editorial; debate on Single Currency (pgs 9-11); Che Guevara (pgs 21-22), by Pablo Velasco; History of the Russian Revolution (pgs 29-36); Lesbian and Gay campaigning (pgs 37-40), by Janine Booth; Stalinism and State Capitalism (pgs 41-46), by Martin Thomas
Jan 98:
World slump? (pgs 17-18) by Martin Thomas; Principles of Communism (pgs 29-36), by Engels; The Communist Manifesto after Stalinism (pgs 37-44), by Sean Matgamna; nature of Stalinism (pgs 45-48) by the French group, the VDT
March 98:
Case for a Workers' Government (pgs 3-10), by Jill Mountford; Peace Process in NI (pgs 11-12), editorial, Ireland and peace debate (pgs 28-36) between Sean Matgamna and John McAnulty (from the Irish group, Socialist Democracy); nature of Stalinism debate (pgs 43-48) by Tom Rigby; the French Left (pgs 51-52), by Martin Thomas
Double issue - book format

April/May 98:
"How Solidarity can Change the World": Socialism after Stalinism, by Sean Matgamna; The Principles of Communism, by Engels; The Class Struggle, by Kautsky; The Spartacus Programme and What does Spartacus want?, by Rosa Luxemburg; Trotsky's Transitional Programme "It will be Socialism or Barbarism" by the AWL (96pgs)
June 98:
Trade union rights(pgs 3, 10-12, 15), editorial and reports; Post-Trotsky Trotskyism (pgs 4-5); Indonesia (pgs 7-9); The Good Friday agreement in Ireland (pgs 19-22, 39-50), by John O'Mahony, debate; May '68 in review (pgs 28-32), from the VdT; British Film (pgs 33-36), by Clive Bradley; Max Shachtman (pgs 51-54), by Sean Matgamna
September 98:
World economic crisis (pgs 3-8), editorial and reports; Socialists and Labour (pgs 15-16), by John Nihill; Bethold Brecht (pg 21); Women after 1968 (pgs 22 - 24), by Cathy Nugent; Hal Draper and Palestine (pgs 25-30), by Alan Johnson; Socialists and the Good Friday agreement (pgs 31-37), debate; Ken Livingstone (pgs 38-40), by Sean Matgamna
Double issue

October 98:
Stephen Lawrence - no justice (pg3), editorial; Independence for Kosova (p5), interview with Quintin Hoare; Election results in Sweden and Australia (pgs 11-12), reports; Grunwick - a lesson for trade unionists (pgs 21-24), by Jean Lane; Globalisation (pgs 25-31), by Martin Thomas; Ireland's history - 1798 (pgs 32-34), by Pat Murphy; Marxism and democracy (pgs 35-40), by Alan Johnson; Marx's Grundrisse (pgs 47-50), by Murray Kane
Special issue:
Uniting the left

January 99:
Introduction: How can the left unite?;
Part 1: The working class movement today;
Part 2: The left must reorient;
Part 3: In the perspective of history;
Part 4: Unity in action, dialogue where there are differences;
Our History: The party we need, by Max Shachtman
February 99:
Stephen Lawrence, Kosova and Europe - editorials; The Good Friday Agreement - survey; Socialist answer to the euro - debate; Workers and the internet, by Eric Lee; Rosa Luxemburg and Germany 1918, by Stan Crooke; John Clare
March 99:
Prosecute Paul Condon - editorial; "Institutional racism", by Violet Martin; The roots of racism, by Jenni Bailey; New Labour's immigration legislation - survey; the NHS; students; Labour and the unions; The road to left unity - documents from the AWL conference; Is Cuba socialist? - debate; Class politics and the Good Friday Agreement.
April 99:
Who will save the Kosovars - editorial; Kosova at NUT conference, by Patrick Murphy; The left and the Serb-Kosova conflict, by John Nihill; The national question in Yugoslavia, by Barry Finger; Will the Good Friday Agreement collapse? by Rosalind Robson; A letter from Israel from Adam Keller; Israeli politics, by Eric Lee; Debate: do we need a rank and file movement; Stanley Kubrick - an appreciation; The Communist International; Post-modernism; Marxist theory; Tony Cliff.
June/July 99:
Balkan war: who will win the peace? (p3-6) editorial; Balkan symposium (p7-11) Boris Kagarlitsky, Bruce Kent, Daniel Singer, Tam Dalyell, Hillel Ticktin; Cliff's State Capitalism (p21-24, 37-54) by Sean Matgamna; Communist international pt 2 (p25-26) by Boris Souvarine; Women in the Irish nationalist movement 1900-16 (p30-35) by Janine Booth; Lowy on the national question (p 57-59) by Paul Hampton
September 99:
Where is Republicanism going? (p 3-4) editorial; Comment on Kosova (p 9-19) various authors; Hal Draper on Rizzi, comment and text (p 27-33); What is Irish republicanism? pt 1 (p34-45) by John O'Mahony
October 99:
Manifesto for Women's liberation (p3-4) by Kate Buckell and Cathy Nugent; Women, capitalism and socialism (p11-18) Janine Booth and Rosie Woods; Sylvia Pankhurst (p19-22) by Jill Mountford; Where is China going? (p23-24) by Harry Glass; Where did Chinese Stalinism come from? (p26-31) by Jack Brad; What is Irish republicanism? pt 2 (p34-40) by John O'Mahony; Marx's Capital pt 1 (p45-49) by Otto Ruhle
December 1999-January 2000:
Looking forward from 2000 (p11-14) by Colin Foster; The 20th century in retrospect (p15-18) by Moshe Machover; Is this the information age? (p21-23) by Bruce Robinson; The death of Jesus (p25-28) by Karl Kautsky; Marx's Capital pt 2 (p36-40) by Otto Ruhle; What is Irish republicanism? pt 3 (p41-52) by John O'Mahony
February 2000:
Programme of the SSP's Solidarity Tendency (p21-22); Communism and Stalinism in Indonesia (p31-38) by Paul Hampton; What is Irish republicanism? pt 4 (p39-45) by John O'Mahony; Marx's Capital pt 3 (p46-48) by Otto Ruhle
April 2000:
The once and future Livingstone (p15-18) by Colin Foster; Muhammad Ali (p23-25) by Mike Marqusee; The left during the Balkans war (p26-32) by Sean Matgamna; Marx's Capital pt 4 (p39-42) by Otto Ruhle
July 2000:
Imperialism yesterday and today (p15-17) by Jay Lewis; The New Economy (p18-20) by Eric Lee; New forces and new passions (p22-27) by Chris Reynolds

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