Workers' Liberty #61


Commentary: Blair's NHS U-Turn

Commentary: Colonial War in Chechnya

Notes of the Month: Labour and the Livingstone Campaign

Survey: Mumia must live! by the Mumia Must Live! campaign

Survey: From anti-car to anti-capitalism by Mick Duncan

Survey: Can the Northern Ireland executive survive? by Patrick Murphy, 20 January 2000

Survey: Germany's biggest criminals by Matt Heaney

Diary: Diary of a union organiser

The Cover Story: Putin seeks a "strong state" by Stan Crooke

The Cover Story: Which side are you on? by Mark Osborn

The Cover Story: Eye on the left by Dan Katz

How I became a socialist: Religion, music and the dole by Helen Russell

Brazil: How the Workers' Party works by Maria Helena Moreira Alves

Brazil: Left and right in the Workers' Party

New Capitalism: Marketing higher education by Bruce Robinson

Platform: Platform of the "Solidarity" tendency

Feminism: Backlash and girl power by Cath Fletcher

Angela's Ashes: Escape from God's Island by Annie O'Keefe

Trade Unions: The road to renewal by Mark Sandell

Prisons: Jack Straw's castles by Clive Bradley

In Perspective: Communism and Stalinism in Indonesia by Paul Hampton

Republicanism: Republicanism and the Catholic Church by John O'Mahony

Marx: Teach youself Marx's Capital, part three

Forum: There's more to books than titles by Richard Dawkins

Forum: Science and metaphor, the SWP, Stalin & Zionism, letter from Indonesia, Pat Jordan

Forum: The by Richard Barbrook

Forum: Stalinism in theory and history by Pablo Velasco

Reviews: Australian communists, white Jazz musicians, memes, postmodernity and more

After Seattle: USA: the new anti-capitalism by Traven, a union organiser

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