Workers' Liberty #62


Commentary: Making war on Blair

Diary: Diary of a London Socialist Candidate by Janine Booth

Survey: Brown's health prescription by Helen Rate

Survey: Assault on asylum by Stan Crooke

Survey: Russian workers take on Mafia capitalists by Simon Pirani

Survey: A big blow for the peace process by Patrick Murphy

Rover: Lions led by well paid donkeys by Frank Hughes

The cover story: The once and future Livingstone by Colin Foster

The cover story: The left and Livingstone by Cathy Nugent

The cover story: Livingstone's economics by Martin Thomas

Platform: Labour: the left must keep its head! by Neil Murray

Platform: Vote Labour? Tell me why! by Selina White

Muhammad Ali: A hero of the twentieth century by Mike Marqusee

In Depth: The left during the Balkans war by Sean Matgamna

Hidden History: The forgotten Keir Hardie by Sylvia Pankhurst

Inside the left: Why does Cliff traduce Shachtman? by Paul Hampton

Marx: Teach yourself Marx's Capital, part four

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