Workers' Liberty #57


Commentary: Where is Republicanism going?

Survey: A conversation with Dita Sari by Martin Thomas

Survey: The crisis in Russia by Stan Crooke

After the war: Kosova and the legacy of Stalinism by Chris Reynolds

After the war: Why Yugoslavia collapsed by Michael Kinnell

After the war: Making bricks without political straw by Sinead Asch

After the war: Oppose intervention? In the name of what? from SO 529, July 1992

Forum: Serbs condemned; Workers' Liberty and eclecticism; revolutionary realism

Internet: An end to "lost texts" by Eric Lee

The cultural front: The workings of a dream factory by Clive Bradley

Students: Why students must join in the class struggle! by Lee Serjeant

Obituary: Nadezhda Joffe: a socialist opponent of Stalinism by Helen Halyard

Bruno Rizzi: Hal Draper on Bruno Rizzi, with an introduction by Sean Matgamna

International: Chaos in East Timor by Martin Thomas

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