Workers' Liberty #58


Commentary: A manifesto for women's liberation by Kate Buckell and Cathy Nugent.

Commentary: Nationalise the railways!

Survey: East Timor - magnificent solidarity! Martin Thomas reports from Australia.

Survey: Blair's 19th century 21st Century Party Report from Labour Party conference.

Survey: Writing off Third World debt by Cath Fletcher.

Survey: Iran: there will be more student protests by Yassmin.

Fifth column: Spies and renegades by Ted Crawford.

Diary of a LP conference delegate: The Blair Stitch-up Project.

The cover story: Women, capitalism and socialism by Janine Booth and Rosie Woods.

The cover story: Women and revolution.

The cover story: Women and socialism.

The cover story: International Women's Day.

The cover story: Sylvia Pankhurst - an organiser for working class women by Jill Mountford.

Stalinist China at 50: Where is neo-Stalinist China going? by Harry Glass.

Stalinist China at 50: The fate of the revolution by Sean Matgamna.

Stalinist China at 50: Where did Chinese Stalinism come from? by Jack Ranger.

Stalinist China at 50: The nature of the Chinese revolution by Leon Trotsky.

Republicanism: What is Irish republicanism? Part two, by John O'Mahony.

The cultural front: Jerry Springer and the end of civilisation by Edward Ellis.

Marx: Teach yourself Marx's Capital, part one.

Forum: Bruno Rizzi, Kosova and Palestine, a letter from Russia.

Reviews: Real men, the new capitalism and Keynesian economics.

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