Workers' Liberty #63


Commentary: Global solidarity against global capital

Commentary: The battle after Seattle

Global capital: Capital writ large by Martin Thomas

Global capital: Enclosure and integration by Massimo De Angelis

Global capital: Nightmares of globalisation by Bob Carnegie

Fair trade?: Free trade and resistance by Rhodri Evans

Resistance: The continuing nation by Alan McArthur

References: Further reading

Global capital: Imperialism yesterday and today by Jay Lewis. (This is a fuller version of the article than appears in the print version of the magazine).

The New Economy: Globalising the labour movement by Eric Lee

Europe: For a workers' United States of Europe by Violet Martin

Europe: The working class in the 21st century

Resistance: New forces and passions by Chris Reynolds

Forum: The SSP and the Cuban 'socialist republic' by Stan Crooke

Forum: Workers' Liberty and the Northern Ireland referendum by Roger Clarke

Forum: Petty point-scoring on the poll-tax by Lawrie Coombes

Forum: Abstraction, reductionism and dialectics by Bruce Robinson

Review: The new capitalism blights life by Tony Brown

Review: Critique or programme? by Clive Bradley

Review: Different Protestants by Patrick Murphy

Review: New rulers by Colin Foster

Review: Part of the picture by Edward Ellis

Review: Saving the earth by Les Hearn

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