Workers' Liberty #59


Commentary: The levers of class politics - New Labour five years on

Commentary: New Labour cracks open - Livingstone, London and working class politics

Commentary: Workers and the Grand Coalition

Diary: Solidarity reborn by a Wandsworth striker

Survey: Sharing power in Belfast by Patrick Murphy

Survey: The WTO and capitalism by Rhodri Evans

Survey: Livingstone and the London Mayor: the view from the Underground by K L Callan

21st Century: Looking forward from 2000 by Colin Foster

21st Century: The working class in the 21st century by Chris Reynolds

Platform: The 20th century in retrospect by Moshé Machover

21st Century: The internet is changing politics by Eric Lee

21st Century: Is this the "information age"? by Bruce Robinson

Christianity: 2000 years of anti-Jewish lies by Sean Matgamna

Christianity: The death of Jesus by Karl Kautsky

Christianity: Lenin on anti-semitism

Contemporary Art: The escape into wickedness by Cath Fletcher

Poetry: Questions from a worker who reads by Bertolt Brecht

Science: There's more to life than genes by Clive Bradley

Marx: Teach yourself Marx's Capital, part two

Republicanism: Stalinism and the IRA, by John O'Mahoney

Republicanism: What happened when?

Republicanism: The CPI calls for civil war, 1921

Republicanism: The Comintern on the Treaty

Republicanism: The fifth congress

Republicanism: Trotsky on worker-peasant parties

Forum: The dynamics of bureaucratism by Ernest Haberkern

Forum: The USSR and non-linear capitalism by Martin Thomas

Reviews: Francis Wheen's Marx, Jay Lovestone, Feminism and Stalingrad

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