Workers' Liberty #50/51 


Commentary: Stephen Lawrence; Kosova; Pinochet

The Cover Story: Serbia, the west and Kosova

Eye on the Left: Scottish Nationalism... or Socialism by Stan Crooke

Diary: Visit to a small philosopher by a postalworker

Platform: Taking the capital 'P' out of politics by Sheila Cohen

Platform: The Independent Labour Network by Ken Coates MEP

The World: Mexico - The long road to working class independence by Pablo Velasco

Against the Tide: Hi-tech cannibalism by Patrick Avaakum

In Depth: Globalisation and its discontents by Martin Thomas

Ireland: 1798 - Ireland's year of liberty by Pat Murphy

In Depth Review: The pilots who weathered the storm by Alan Johnson

Our History: The legacy of a Scots internationalist by James D Young

Trotskyism: The life and death of Henk Sneevliet

As we were saying: Talking left and selling out - Livingstone's legacy by John Bloxam

Capitalism: Marx's Grundrisse and the "post-modern" era by Murray Kane

Debate: Hal Draper and Israel by Sean Matgamna

Forum: Debate on the Good Friday agreement by Rosie Woods, Clive Bradley and Frank J Higgins; Debate over standing against Blair's New Labour by Clifford Brown and Stan Crooke; Livingstone was forced to slobber by Len Glover

Reviews: Woman on top? by Cath Fletcher; Trotsky down under by Violet Martin

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