Workers' Liberty #68


Commentary: An axe to the root

Commentary: A strange autumn

Diary: Multi-coloured in Prague by Sacha Ismail and Lee Sergent

Israel-Palestine: The roots of the crisis by Moshe Machover

Labour Party: The unions begin to stir by Emma Parsons

The cover story: Reclaiming our lives Naomi Klein spoke to Martin Thomas

Marx on self-emancipation*

The workers or "the people" by Chris Reynolds

The case-history of Poujadism by Colin Foster

How I became a socialist: From seven to seventeen by Adie Kemp

Mexico: The end of Institutional Revolution by Pablo Velasco

Our history: David Ryazanov by Boris Souvarine

Our history: A different sort of Labour council by Janine Booth

Inside the left: The USSR in perspective by Paul Hampton

In depth: Walter Benjamin: Tragedy, progress and struggle by Esther Leslie

Forum: Intellectual anarchy? by Alan McArthur

Save the Socialist Worker seller! by Stan Crooke

The BLs by Martin Thomas

The epoch of decline by Hillel Ticktin

Not dialectics by Chris Arthur

Platform: The Right loses ground in Israel by Eric Lee

Reviews: Romance and Stalinism by Janet Burstall

Hegel and revolution by Melissa White

The limits of nature? by Ross West

The real C L R James by Kent Worcester

The war in South Armagh by Patrick Murphy

The USSR, totalitarianism and class by Paul Hampton

Back page: Mutual respect or religious war? by Michel Warshawski

Extra: Workers' Liberty discussion and decisions on the fuel protests**

Items marked ** are in the web version of WL68 only, not in the print version; items marked * are longer in the web version than in the print version

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