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In association with, we are seeking out books we think that socialists should read, and, thanks to amazon, we're selling almost all of them at a discount. What's more, if you buy your books through this facility you'll be helping to raise funds for the AWL too.

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Land And Freedom

Directed by Ken Loach

Loach's film, telling the story of hope and then ultimate betrayal of the Spanish revolution, is a powerful and clear lesson in the power of the working class but also its weaknesses.

The relationship between politics and party are crystalised in dramatic story-telling.

Animal Farm

Directed by John Halas

An animated film, the very first full-length cartoon made in England, reflecting George Orwell's satirical piece about Stalinism. The story follows the fate of the animals of Farmer Jones' farm. Finally tired of his abusive behaviour and exploitation of them, the animals eventually revolt and take control of the farm. But then some of the animals decide that they are "more equal than others"...

Includes a 'making of the film' programme narrated by Tony Robinson.

October, directed by Sergei Eisenstein


Directed by Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein's classic dramatisation of the events of 1917. Hailed as a masterpiece in world cinema, the film may not be entirely historically accurate, but the spirit of the revolutionary days is captured perfectly.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

Directed by Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott's "director's cut" of this definitive science fiction film noir loses the annoying voice-over from the version released by Warner Bros. The atmosphere, the suspense, the characters, the story - everything else just gets better.

Whether you like science fiction or not, this film you must see.

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