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In association with, we are seeking out books we think that socialists should read, and, thanks to amazon, we're selling almost all of them at a discount. What's more, if you buy your books through this facility you'll be helping to raise funds for the AWL too.

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If you find a great book, CD or video that you think other socialists should know about, you can Suggest an item for our recommended lists.

Please note:
All the items listed on these pages are being sold by, and not by us. This includes items such as The Fate of the Russian Revolution, which are produced by the AWL. If you want to purchase these items directly from the AWL, which may be cheaper, and certainly results in more of your money going to the AWL, you have two choices: if you can pay in US$ then you can buy them online from our publications page. If you cannot pay in US$ then we can only take payment by post. See the publications page for more details.

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