Workers' Liberty 2/2


Editorial The rule of greed and deceit

Afghanistan, Islamism and capitalism
The Pakistani socialists' stand against war and fundamentalism

by Farooq Tariq

The politics of globalisation and imperialism today

by Colin Foster

Afghanistan and the shape of the 20th century

by Sean Matgamna

The rise of political Islam

by Clive Bradley

Islamism and the left in the Iranian revolution

by Mehdi Kia


Taking the piss? Or, Whatever happened to the avant garde?

by Gerry Byrne

The Haitian revolution and Atlantic slavery

by Colin Waugh

The 'Third Camp' in France

Interview with Paul Parisot and Jean-Rene Chauvin

Marx, Engels and war

by Hal Draper


One way forward: one state

by Steve Cohen

The politics of the Grand Vizier

by 'A bloke I met'

The medium and the message

by Andrew Robinson

Decline of reality, or decline of theory?

by Chris Reynolds


The left and 'reactionary anti-imperialism'

The theory of accommodation

by Edward Ellis

The practice of accommodation

by Martin Thomas


The politics of Yankophobia

by Gerry Bates

The biography of an equation

by Les Hearn

Exploitation in China

by Rhodri Evans

Trotsky in World War One

by Paul Hampton